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Daily Cosplay
United States
Daily Cosplay is a showcase for cosplayers to display their work and fans from around the world to see the most fantastic costumes and characters from the realms of anime, manga, gaming, fantasy, and science fiction.

Every day Daily Cosplay will feature a different costume. The selections will reflect the whole spectrum of the art of cosplay, from glamorous beauty to heavy mecha, from anime to steampunk mashups. Aliens, wizards, pirates, robots, elves, superheroes, demons, cyborgs, vampires; we serve all kinds here.

To be featured on Daily Cosplay just fill out the entry form and provide three or more photos. Remember, the sooner you enter the better the chance your costume will be selected. If you have a video please include a link if you'd like to include it in your entry. We will review every submission.

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DO NOT SEND THIS BACK TO T HE PERSON THAT SENT YOU IT!!! [not a good idea] IM SO SORRY, I REALLY CANT RISK THIS.. ;-; forgive me. ~since I rarely do spam. 


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All the signs of

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He also received this letter and sent it to 51

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If ur mum then post this to 20people. A girl

ignored this and their mom died 365 days later.Sorry I can't ignore this because I love my mom

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